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At Rogers Real Estate, we strongly believe in giving our clients the inside scoop on the real estate market. Ever wonder what really goes on behind the scenes and why some people seem to always get the best deals? We believe in one-hundred percent transparency when it comes to the home buying and selling process, and do what other realtors aren’t willing to do in order to get the best deals.

We also believe in what we call “The Art and Science of Real Estate”. Yes, a house with a certain square footage in a certain neighborhood would typically sell for a certain amount, yet there is an art to understanding the humanity aspect of the real estate industry. There may be a similar house in that same area that, on paper, should be worth less, but ends up selling for more than the other, due to the emotional side of buying or selling a home. We know numbers, but also know how to help sellers think like buyers and guide buyers to understand sellers.

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